So I made a character up, her name is volt and here is her backstory~

When she was little Volt wanted to be a hero, she trained and trained. She had a hero sidekick, one day everyone was bored so all the heroes decided to do a battle.

They all fought in teams together, finally volt and her sidekick were up against a really strong duo. Volt got ready but her teammate decided to back out,and bailed on Volt. Now Volt was all alone against a strong duo, she was doing good at first but began to stop doing as well.

Her teammate watched her lose the fight. When Volt’s challengers finally beat her,she decided to take a break,she walked over slowly to a bench. She was full of anger as her teammate approached her. Her teammate tried saying sorry, but she didn’t listen, she was angry at them. Her left side of her face was badly damaged, so she decided to leave and try fix her face. She walked behind Gars Bodega in an alley way, she saw robot parts. She hollowed out the robot parts and tried them on, they fitted her damaged left arm and leg. Then she then found a bit of metal and used that to protect her left cheek. She walked out, her teammate looked over at her and got scared. Volt walked into the forest and trained, volt grew to like her robot parts.

One day she was taking a break from training then she saw a shadow walk into the alley way, Volt was hesitant at first but then followed. She was greeted with a robot, she couldn’t see the robot that well and walked closer.

The robot was Shannon. Shannon was grabbing some robot parts for a project Lord boxman was working on. Shannon looked down at Volt’s arm.

Shannon:”why do you have our robot parts on?”

Volt glared at Shannon “it’s not my fault my teammate bailed on me!” she snarled at Shannon. Shannon tried to grab the robot arm, but Volt moved away too fast.

Shannon cried “we need the robot arm!”

Volt stared at her “I need it more!” They argued for a bit, Volt decided to walk off.

Shannon “where are you going!”

Volt glanced over at Shannon “I’m not staying near someone like you, I need a proper badguy team”. Shannon hesitated then brought Volt to meet Boxman, Volt figured a way to escape if she needed one. Boxman explained that they needed better people on their side. Volt thought for a minute then agreed. Boxman was delighted to have someone else on their team, Boxman told all the other robots about Volt, the other robots got curious about a human on their team but decided to meet her anyway. They were all happy about it. Now volt works for Boxman and fights, someday she’s gonna get her revenge on that Hero duo and her teammate.

Volt is a human, but has robot parts. She uses the robot parts so she is stronger,she also has blue electric powers.

Huge thanks to everyone reading my story.

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