100 Days

Today~bank holiday Monday

Of course Mondays are never good for me. Let me explain why, first I was invited to see my friend this morning. I got really excited since I haven’t seen her this weekend. Then mum told me “no,we might be going out today” so I thought oh so we are going out soon. Alright I guess, but I was still kinda annoyed. My brother was busy so I spent my time outside doing nothing, which annoyed me more since I could have being with my friend.

It was warm for once so I couldn’t complain about the weather. The finally at 3pm we were going out, I was a little annoyed on the walk. Eventually my mood brightened up when I was able to play in some rock pools. In our village there is paddling pools but there were so many kids I couldn’t go in, but it’s fine when I was in the rock pools. When we were walking home along the beach we realised that loads of people decided to come out since it was so warm.

Our home beach was very busy with people on the sand and in the water but maybe a bit too cold for me. Once we got home daddy surprised us,he was going to buy a Chinese meal.

We haven’t had Chinese for a while since we were saving for our holiday, which in fact is 100 days until our holiday! My daddy took me with him to order Chinese, mum and dad have had food from this takeout before but we haven’t so it was great. We got our food and in the car it smelt amazing, when we arrived home we had a yummy dinner.

Thank you for reading this.

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