Bicycles & Popcorn!

Weekend Recap

Saturday ❤️ I got a new bike on Friday. When mum and dad were at the coffee morning I brought my bike to show my minister, he really liked it.

I got some buns then me and my friend went to the park. At the park she asked me if I could draw her a picture, I said I would do her something special and give her it on Sunday.

After the park me and my brother rode round the sea front on our bikes.

When I got home I got started with my drawing. My dad was cutting the grass and my mum was baking. While I was drawing, my cat came over and just laid down on my iPad and drawing book. I had to wait for him to move, once he did I finished my picture as fast as possible.


Today was so warm, I could wear a dress and didn’t need to wear tights.

We went to bible class and of course my friend was waiting for me to arrive. She really wanted to see the picture I had drawn for her. It’s a unicorn girl and I made it look like her. She gave me a hug and I have her her drawing, she loved it so much.

After bible class we headed over to church, mum called my sister and we weren’t going anymore, mum wasn’t well. I didn’t want to stay in church without her so I told the minister and left. When we got home another friend invited me to go to the cottages with her. The cottages are a little museum and shop, plus they have webcams to the island which is filled with bird and their nests. I always go out on the weekend to see my friends so there’s gonna be a lot of that on my webpage. At the ice cream van and got a slushy and I got juice from the shop. We went over to the cottages and then played in the park.

After the park we headed home, we stayed at my house for a while. We played outside then it got cold, so we came inside and mummy made us all popcorn.

Huge thanks to everyone who is reading this.

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