Yesterday was Thursday….That means today is Friday and more on that later.

Yesterday morning mum took us out,we had to do some shopping.

First of all we went to the cheap shops and got some cereal, we got sugar puffs, yummy.

We went to springhill and had a look in new look,mum went off to look at bikinis. Me and my brother looked round the store, I saw clothes but they wouldn’t fit me they are too big. Mum paid for her clothes so we walked up to Tesco, At the entrance of Tesco they were doing these “scan as you shop” so we brought the scanner round us and scanned our shopping as we shopped. You know the whole point of it, but it was fun, we just had to scan a code at the checkout then we paid it was so much easier. After that we went home,mum let me have the day off so I coloured a picture I drew a while ago.

The picture is Ash Ketchum and his team in Alolah, his team has Litten,Rowlet,dusk form lycanroc and pikachu.

Then I went on a walk with my friend,we went into the village and played round the paddling pools. We played round there then went to the park, I went round the roundabout and stood up. So I was standing up while spinning it was fun. We had a competition on who could swing higher, I came second, but I went really high.

Huge thanks to everyone who is reading this.

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