This morning we were busy tidying up,since one of mum’s friends was coming for tea.

We swept,dusted, and tidied.

We tidied everywhere and my brother went to the shop twice because he got the wrong thing first time. Then mummy’s friend said they couldn’t come, so we tided up everywhere for nothing, well we got biscuits.

Anyway, since she didn’t visit we started our school work. I was listening to music and my brother asked what album I was listening too. I put my earphones in so I don’t hear noises or get distracted and it helps me a lot. When my brother asked mummy told me to turn off my music! We did more of our work then we had to go to the library van, so we walked in the rain and it wasn’t there. So we walked back,we packed up our work and I drew a comic.

My comic is part of a show called “Ducktales” it’s part of the theme tune. What’s happening is my cartoon character is singing the tune then someone interrupts, she gets mad at that person interrupting and scares them.

Huge thanks to everyone who is reading this.

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