Great Weekend

This weekend was great!


We did our work and finished decent time, mum and dad went out and I coloured my picture. My OKKO and Steven universe clash picture is almost done and I think it looks great!

After that we had a yummy dinner of pork, noodles and sauce. For pudding we got meringues and cream for desert with fruit and that’s my favourite.

I like Friday nights as I go to this really cool youth club. My friend didn’t go so I just drew in my sketch book and I played badminton. I showed my friends the squishy I made, they loved it! Then at the talk we did a quiz about bible characters, ours was David. Then they told us next week is the last week before the summer break so we are having a BBQ. Yay on the BBQ but not on them finishing.


In the morning I got cereal, called golden balls but it’s really yummy. In the morning I made a picture video for my Instagram account then went out with my mummy. Dad and my brother were doing weeding in our village, so we were able to do girl things. Afterwards we called in at the coffee morning in the village to get lovely tray bakes and juice.

We walked over with my parent’s friend and her dog, when we got to the coffee bar mummy sat at a table and talked with daddy. My brother and I offered to take the lady’s dog for a walk to the harbour. On the walk someone thought that the lady we knew was my grandma which is funny.

Afterwards when we got home I asked my friend if she was free. We walked about our village, we got some slushies and went back to play at her house. It was too warm in her sun room so we went to her bedroom and played. We found pants and starting throwing them at each other it was fun. My dad was over at a friends house cleaning the gutters so we went to meet him to get a lift home for dinner.


When we went to bible class it was a coffee morning so we had to sit in the cold room. We were learning about the Ten Commandments.

After Sunday school there is church, at children’s address had a good turn out with about five kids. During children’s church we learnt about caring for each other.

After that I drew with my friend from church, she was surprised when I told her I had a picture in an art exhibition.

After church I went back over to my friends house, I always go over to my friends house at the weekends. Sometimes she comes to my house but we live a little way outside the village and the big road is between us and the park.

We played at her house and went to the park, which it was sunny so we played on the swings then on the grass. Our friends were playing football so we watched them.

Huge thanks for everyone who is reading this.

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