Almost The Weekend, I Got New Stuff!


This morning we did some school work, we were waiting for the bread to finish the we would go out.

Mummy needed some things from Tesco so when the bread was ready we went shopping. We waited for it to cool so we left my brother at home, he didn’t really want to come out with three girls.

Mummy and my sister went to new look as I ran down to B&Ms. It was raining so I ran down fast, I had to get some juice for mummy plus I wanted to see what cheap sweets they had. I got mummy some Vimeo squash. So I payed and walked up to mummy, we looked round new look mummy got me some really cool clothes. She got me a hoody and a t-shirt.

I really like this hoody because it says “property of United States 1997” I like this hoody and I’m gonna wear it tomorrow for youth club.

And this is my new red t-shirt, it has two cool strings at the front. It’s really pretty though I have to wait till when the weather clears up to wear it as it’s a summer top. I really love it.

Then once we finished our shopping at New look we went to Tesco to grab some things. I bought some midget gems and they were yummy, only 25p, I love a bargain.

When we got home, I tried on my hoody and t-shirt and they fit well and look really good.

My daddy collected my picture from the exhibition, it finished last week. I was very lucky because when I got it back it has a cardboard mount on it, my daddy will frame it for me.

Dinner was good tonight, chicken stir fry with egg noodles. Very yummy and pudding was my favourite meringue nest with cream, I didn’t like the fruit sauce so my daddy ate it.

Huge thanks to everyone who is reading this.

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