Pony Plushies ☺️

So this morning we had to go out, we went into A neighbouring town to us.

We looked in a charity shop and I got two My Little Pony plushies. Twilight Sparkle and Pinkie Pie, I’m so happy! I actually didn’t have enough money so my big sister and my mummy bought me one each, they were £1.50 each. They are usually almost £10 each and I got them for £3 in total.I am so happy.

Mummy had to go to the chemist to see if they the medicine she was looking for, they didn’t because this product was out of stock and they are ordering it in. So tomorrow mummy is taking us into town again so she can get them.

Afterwards we went to Asda to get some cereal. We got some golden balls and coco pops. After that we went back home and did some school. Tea break was fun as we ate lots of biscuits. We had to do more school work we we went out in the morning.

Later I did some of the picture I started to draw yesterday, the one I posted about.

Before tea I went on a walk with my friend, down to the beach and walked and it was very fun.

I love going on walks and it was with my best friend, we walked across the beach but sadly it had been washed up with sea weed. Mummy said to be home by 5:15, we came home to a yummy dinner of barbecue flavour chicken, salad and chips.

Huge thanks to everyone who is reading.

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