Weekend was a Blast(oise)

The weekend was great!

Saturday was fun, my brother brought round our friend and they helped build a thing for the bins round the back of our house.

Mummy and me went to the garden centre and we got some really pretty flowers, luckily for us Saturday was sunny so we got some heat. Then when we got home mummy had to plant some of the flowers in some window boxes, I had to carry them round to the front of the house.

Once we did that we got a yummy lunch we had bread, cake and fudge. After that I went round to my friends house because it was such a nice day we played at the park and went on the swings. We decided to go back to her house since we were too warm. We watched our friends have a “intense” water fight on their trampoline and sat in the kitchen eating ice pops. We tried to keep out of their way as they were soaking each other, then they got cold. It was warm that day but not warm enough for water fights.

Sunday was good, we went to bible class in the morning and learnt about Moses. I’m church happily to say there was more children because usually there is just me and another one or two. With having more kids I’m happy for our minister. He gave us dolly mixtures, just like people we are all different so that’s why we were given dolly mixtures. I think also because Tesco had them on offer.

After church I went to see my friend again as it’s the weekend, we played at the park again and it was fun.

Monday………….just Monday explains itself.

Well today was okay, except from it was Monday and I hate Mondays. I finished my work then started drawing sadly my drawing it’s finished its a work in progress but when it’s finished I will let you guys know. Progress shot …

And here is my first ever Pokemon drawing……..it turned out alright for my first. I drew this blastoise in 2016 so 2 years ago, 2016 was when Pokemon Go came out so I quickly followed and I came to be a Pokemon fan as you may have already guessed.

Huge thanks to everyone who is reading this.

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