Today is Friday, woohoo I love Fridays!!!! Fridays are great it’s the end of the weekdays.

Today we did some school work, I did my regular work as my brother and sister got ready for a practice exam paper. They have a GCSE exam in May. Since they were doing a paper I got to finish school at two o’clock, so after I finished my work i drew a picture.

This picture is my favourite Pokemom; Jolteon.

I love this Pokemon, pokedex number: #135. Jolteon is the best Eeveelution no matter what anyone says. Jolteon is amazing, powerful and cool.

Some people on the internet say Jolteon isn’t the best Eeveelution but jolteon is. You need to understand Pokemon to get this.

I draw a lot of Pokemon, after I drew my picture I had to get dinner. Mummy made a very yummy teriyaki chicken with bean sprouts and mushrooms, it was soooo good.  I loved it!

After dinner we did the dishes then got ready for youth club. We go to youth club every week, but sadly there is only two weeks left before the summer holidays. It is so much fun and I get to see my friends, there are always games to play. For example tonight my friend and I played air hockey and it was really fun. I got to finish my hamma beads that I started last week. I had made a really cool one, but it accidentally got spilled so I had to redo it. It still turned out really good. The hamma beads are of Jolteon, I make a lot of things jolteon themed as you can guess. So here is my hamma bead design ~

Huge thanks to everyone who read this.

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