Today we went out in the morning, we had to go to The retail park.

So we went to shopping place, my big sister went into NewLook (clothes store). My brother and I went to B&Ms (cheap everything store),mummy had to go to the chemist. As we were walking round we noticed Shreddies cereal (there’s a story, I will share it tomorrow). Which we avoided them (shreddies) so we went walking round, of course we went straight for the toy aisle, but who wouldn’t?

We looked at cool toys and saw a ball that you press a button and it plays music and spins. Then mummy said we had to go back to the chemist to pick up her mediation. So we headed for the chemist we waited longer than the 10 minutes they promised but when we got the mediation we headed straight for the door. My big sister was still in NewLook so we went up there to meet her.

When you are a child going into NewLook you will never come back. I saw some cool clothes but they won’t fit me, after that we had to drag our sister out of there. She would stay all day, plus NewLook had a sale on and that was worse.

Then into Tesco (food store). Mummy went off shopping and I went to get some cheep coke…..I mistook someone for my mum and it did not end great.

After Tesco we had to go to homebargains to get cheap chocolate mummy was making more fudge. I got whamz bamz tangy jelly beans to eat, have you ever tried them?

We went to the harbour today too and saw the boats being lifted into the water by a crane.

Today was really warm when we got home it was really sunny, mummy had to take me to a garden centre while my brother tidied round the back of our house. We went to the garden centre and it was really warm we had 17°C. At the garden centre mummy got some nice flowers so she could make some window boxes.

At home my brother had done a great job and mum was very pleased. My brother helped my mummy make window boxes. I still had school work …T^T….we got dinner after and it was really yummy we had steak.

Mummy and daddy went out to a meeting and I drew on my iPad.

Here I drew a picture of my comic charecter~

Huge thanks to everyone who is reading this. Summer ❤️

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