Squishy Craft

Today ~ I started my work and mummy wanted me to help her, so I helped mum instead.

She was making bread, I had to dissolve sugar and yeast together for the bread mix.

It was fun baking with mum we do it a lot and make all sorts of things. After I helped mum I had to do my school work.

Once I finished my work I sat down and drew. Well, I was made a squishy. for all you who don’t know what squishes are a fun and soft toy that you squish and it slowly comes back to its original form. They are really expensive, as I found out when I went to tescos with my mummy. I saw them and I got really excited until I looked at the price. I found out a squishy costs £10, you heard me correctly, £10 for a squishy! My mummy said they are just glorified dog toys. So I walked away very, very, disappointed, since I couldn’t afford a squishy I made one. I’m gonna tell you how, you don’t have to spend a lot of money (see I’m saving you money) so I make squishes out of paper it’s super easy.

1 ~ Get a piece of A4 paper and fold it in half.

2 ~ Draw your design with it connecting with the folded side,so when you cut it it doesn’t fall into two parts.

3 ~ Outline and colour your design.

4~ Cut it out carefully.

5 ~ Once it’s cut out you need to tape the sides and leave the top. open.

6 ~ Fill your squishy, some people use foam, old plastic bags or toilet paper but I use cotton fluff it makes the best squishy and very slow rising.

7~ Tape the top and around the entire squishy, DO NOT leave any gaps other wise it won’t squish as well.

8 ~ Enjoy your homemade squishy.

9 ~ Use that £10 you saved for something else more useful.

So that’s how I made a squishy. And now you know how to make one so you don’t have to spend your life savings on a squishy in the shops. Homemade squishies are just as good and are very slow rising, I hope this is useful for you guys.

And here is my squishy that I made today, it’s like a Cheetos bag of crisps. I’m really pleased on how it turned out, it was really easy and fun to make and it slow rising. My mummy and daddy like it too, I usually make crisps squishes because everyone recognises them.

Huge thanks to everyone who is reading this.

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