Bunny, Slime And Church

Yesterday (Sunday) I went to bible class funny enough we were learning the same thing we learnt in youth club. At church I went up to the front for children’s address and it was just me and another girl.

When we went up to children’s church we were learning how people are like seeds. Some seeds fall on the path which get eaten but birds (people don’t listen to the word of God) some fall in the rocks (they first listen but then they forget) and some seeds fall on good soil (people listen and follow the word of God).

After church we went home and had lunch mummy made pasta with ground steak and sauce (I didn’t like it that much,but it’s alright).

Afterwards I asked my friend if I could go to her house, so I packed my backpack and walked round with my brother. My brother was seeing his friend too so we played away all afternoon.

When I got to my friends house they let their bunny come into the house for a little bit,so we played with the bunny then we noticed at the kitchen door my friends cat was there, he was watching the bunny and was very confused on why the bunny was in the house. After the bunny went back to its cage me and my friend sat in her sun room and played with slime, we love playing with slime.

Maybe you guys should slime one day, my mum hates it but it’s cool.

All you will need is~

Pva glue

Shaving foam

Contact solution

It’s super easy to make and really fun too!

Huge thanks to everyone who is reading this.


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