Monday Comic

Today is Monday *screams* I hate Monday’s so much because they are boring! And the weekend is over.

But yesterday I made a comic, here it is—–>

Story of the comic~

Mum: “I’m going out for the day, can you decorate like you promised?”

Dad: “Sure”

<Dad works hard decorating>

Dad: “Phew we are all done!”

Hollie: “Mum is not going to like this!”

Dad: Shocked and sad face, wonders why because he worked so hard.

<later that night>

(Walter sees the bad wallpaper that mum won’t like)

Walter: “This is no good” , and scratches all the paper.

(Mum comes home and likes it)

Mum: Comes home and dad is scared. Mum loves the decorative scores down the paper, “I love it!”

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