Today before school mummy made ice cream, mummy was given loads of cream so she made two big tubs of it. I am patiently still waiting for it to freeze in the freezer,mummy made vanilla and chocolate ice cream. After school Mummy went for a walk so we packed up early.

Then I drew this~

This is a new character for my comics and drawings.

Name ~ Jade

Personality ~ sneaky,silent

My main character has all different personalities, every personality will be a character in my comics/drawings and each one will be very different.

After I did my drawing, me and my brother watched a paranormal show on the TV. On the show they were telling the ghosts to hurt them other wise they wouldn’t leave and guess what! The ghost scratched one of the people’s back! And they kept saying to the ghost to do something or throw something.

If you are dealing with ghosts

1:don’t call out to them

2:Respect the ghosts

3:don’t tell them to throw something

4:don’t tell them to hurt you

5:get smart people who know what to do

Huge thanks to everyone who is reading this. ~ Summer

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