Team Rocket

Today I’m talking about Team Rocket. The Immunise Team Rocket, it’s. from a show called Pokemon (I’m sure most of you guys know already).

The iconic trio always try to catch Pikachu, but their plans don’t always go as planned. Team Rocket trio has the members of Jessie, James and Meowth, but there is a main building with more team rocket members and Geovonni (Team Rocket leader). The plans of the trio is to catch Pokemon to gain profit, to work their way up to the good side of Geovonni. Their plans are ruined when Ash comes along and beats them in a battle and they blast of Into the sky (we’re blasting off again).

Jessie: Jessie is always the bossy one and always is the toughest and everyone is scared of her. Jessie had a sad back story; when her mother (Miyamoto) left for a mission with team rocket looking for the legendary Pokemon Mew, Miyamoto disappeared and Jessie was put in a foster home. The foster home was very poor, most of the time she had to eat snow. When she was old enough to leave school she trained to be a Pokemon nurse, sadly she wasn’t cut out for that so she wasn’t hired. Jessie and James joined a bicycle gang and she swung a chain round while she was riding her bike and she earned the name “chained Jessie”. What happened after the bike gang is unknown, Jessie and James joined team rocket separately, not knowing each other joined and they were put on the same team (I had to cut this short there is a lot for her story, sorry if I missed anything).

James: James is the friendly person is the group, he is kind but can be mean too he collects bottle caps. James was a rich kid he had everything and anything he wanted. He left his rich life behind because he was being forced to date a girl he didn’t even like, and she was mean. He had to leave his Growlith behind too since he ran away, he joined team rocket and joined in on team with Jessie (this one is cut short too).

Meowth: is mean and always up to trouble. Before Meowth joined team rocket he met a female Meowth call “Meowzie”, he really liked her and tried to impress her but she rejected him because he was poor. Then Meowth learned how to speak and be human. He went back to the female Meowth and she rejected him again because he was like a freak. Eventually he left and later found out Meowzie was abandoned by her owner because they couldn’t afford her anymore. He later joined team rocket which then he met Jessie and James and they got along very good.

In 2016 (I think it was 2016) Sun and Moon, the series was introduced to the public and it was amazing! Team rocket finally won against Ash after 18 years! They look so different from the original series their style has changed so much!

Huge thanks to everyone who is reading this ~ Summer.

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