Meet My Comic Character

Today mummy and I had to go to a clinic today because mummy had to get a blood test. It was a long way from him so in the car I drew some pictures.

Here’s a picture of the cartoon cat I drew for you all, he is used in some of my comics and is based on my mummy’s real life cat.

He is called Walter and looks just like this in real life.

Character Name ~ Walter, named after Walter White. If you don’t know who Walter White is my mummy says you haven’t lived.

Colour of the cat ~ white and black cat.

Age ~ we don’t know.

Quirky Fact ~ He looks just like one of our other cats too!   He is cute.

Bio ~ he was destined to be with us.

When we got to the clinic mummy went off to see the nurse and I sat down. The ladies in there were very nice as they talked to us about our holidays and home schooling. As I waited for mummy I played some games on my iPod, I played five nights at Freddie’s. I was on night five, it was hard and I almost beat it!

When mummy got out we had to go to another clinic to get her actual blood test, luckily when mummy was getting it there was free wifi so that was good!

The drive home was long, and we also stopped at Tesco. We were looking for chocolate since Easter was over, we saw cheap kitkat Easter eggs but we couldn’t reach them. Then a lady climbed the shelves to grab them and I was disappointed because I like kitkat! *walks off very sad and mad*

Well, we found 75p chocolate eggs which were 200g so that was basically an Easter egg, we got some for making fudge.

Huge thanks to everyone who read this ~ Summer

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