Trip To The Beach

Today was a slow morning,we were doing our school work for a wee bit then daddy asked if anyone wanted to go to Cloughy Beach. We live at a beach but this is a different one. No one wanted to except me, we tried convicing my brother but it didn’t work so me, mum and dad went.

In the car I brought my sketch book because I knew I was gonna be bored,so I drew this…it’s a character I made for my comics and pictures. He hasn’t got a name yet but you will see him as I make him more.

It’s just a rough sketch so it’s not that good. I made it for when I do animations and comics so it can be me…although it doesn’t look like me, but it’s still my person so I hope you guys like it.

When we finally got to Cloughy I was excited..sort of…so dad dropped us off at the beach and we walked on the stones. It was fun we took some pictures too. I took some of Lorraine too (my bunny bear). Lorraine really liked going out with me today she even played in the grass.

We walked along the beach and it was fun. Then we went to the play park, but it wasn’t that good and someone took the spider web swing so it was no use *walks away sad*.

When my dad picked us up again we decided we needed to go to the pet shop because we needed dog food. At the pet shop I saw really cute bunnies, then I went to the dog isle to look at dog toys for my dog, Olivia. I was playing with the dog toys to which was the best and I squeaked one, there was someone else there and I froze. The person heard the dog toy squeak, phew they didn’t turn round and realise I was a child squeaking dog toys. I slowly slid away to find mum and dad before the lady noticed me; I don’t think she did. Then I walked to the cat aisle lucky for me no one was there, then back to the dog aisle (I don’t know why) I bounced a ball and walked away (the same lady was there). I looked at the bunnies again then I saw….the hamster from G force!!! It was so cute!

Mum and dad dragged me away to go to the check out till before I lost control on how cute it was. After that we went home and had a great curry for dinner!

~ Summer

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