Magic Show & Comic Strip

Today was a really fun day, when I got from church my friend texted me asking if I wanted to go out with her. Of course I said yes, I would never turn down a time I could see my best friend, I love her.

We went to thatched cottage museum place called Cockle Row. There was a magic show on, the lady magician was a bit loopy.

I enjoyed it because I was with my friend and her sister. After that we played round at the paddling pools and the beach.

We went to the ice cream van and I got a strawberry and blueberry slushy!

When we got back to my friends house we listened to our favourite song “Bei Mir Bist du Schoen”. Near my friend’s house there is a park, we played around there. We met a friendly black cat, which came up to us and we stroked it and gave it lots of attentions.

We also did some gymnastics on the grass, my friend showed me some new moves.

What I wore today was this Gap jacket, which I love, a frilled denim skirt and a pink t-shirt which is very special as it has seashells on it.

My blog is really about my drawings but I’m going to write about everything I can. This drawing is a cartoon I did when I was at comic book class. It’s about a man who come across a dragon. The man drew his sword to fight the dragon, but the dragon was having none of that and blew fire onto him.

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