In the shop there was a flier up saying that a cat needed a home because he owner sadly passed away. He was on the streets and he needed a loving home. My mummy wanted to get him but we just had a cat and he died, we were still sad.

We didn’t want that cat to be left on the streets so we got our friend one morning and took her out to see the cat. We literally kidnapped her and took her to see the cat, little did she know we were getting her it. She didn’t know till we got there and she was so happy she got him that day. She called him Cas, he meowed a lot in the car. When we got back to her house we played with him and he loved it so much he drooled everywhere, he loved his new home.

And then our friend got a kitten which both cats went crazy round each other so she had to give away one. We took the first cat as he was destined to be with us! He loved exploring round our house and always wanted in all the closed doors.

Recently I got a new bunk bed and when we can’t find him he is always in my bed. He always sleeps on the window bottoms and on my mummy’s lap. He is enjoying his new home a lot and he is very happy with us, my mummy now calls him Walter White. ~ Summer

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