So Easter arrived and it was very exciting!

I got three Easter eggs and loads of chocolate. I had been off chocolate and sweets for Lent and it was a relief when I could finally eat it again. I allowed myself homemade things because mummy bakes a lot and didn’t want me to feel left out.

My family and I went to an early morning communion service on the pier at 6:30am. It was very tiring but we got a fantastic breakfast afterwards in church. Also I was given creme eggs which I really love. I gave a Creme Egg to our minister, I think he was surprised as he hugged me. I recommended that he put it in the freezer before he ate it.

After church I tucked into my Easter eggs and chocolate, it was so good after going six and a half weeks without.

In the afternoon we went for a walk with my brother, my dad and my friend to the reservoir. It was exciting to climb trees and walk through the forest. Olivia, my dog, went into the water and got soaking wet!

This is a picture I drew! It’s a Dusk Form Lycanroc. I really like this Pokemon it’s one of my favourites but to be honest all of them are my favourites, I just love Pokemon! This is one of three evolutions Rockruff can evolve into!

Thank you for reading today, I will be back tomorrow.

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